Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sent Items 09.08.2009

There are still enough time for me, but one month is not so big. So I am sending one by one all my pending works here. This sent items are part of it.
Note : Friends, I will be moving to India by 17th September 2009, for my long Vacation. Please do not use my Saudi Arabia Address for any future correspondences. I will prefer to use my India Address, Which is given here.

My New Address
Ganesh Bhausaheb Potphode
A/P Amrapur
Tel- Shevgaon
Dist- Ahmednagar
PIN 414505

Sent Items 09.08.2009
Special Items:
Terence Wong (Singapore) : Coins, Banknotes, Stamps
---- (Saudi Arabia) : Covers 2x
Kristiina (Estonia) : Cover, banknotes
Mauro Rubens (Brazil) Banknote

Covers :
Dorian Pierre (UK)
Tomislav (Croatia)
Mr. Vural (Swz.)

Next shipment I will send soon,
Please Send me all letters and postcards to my Indian Address

Thanks :)

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