Monday, June 18, 2012

Appeal to Indians


Appeal to Indians
It is unfortunate that India Post has not yet announced stamps to commemorate London 2012 Olympics. The philatelic community is still in doubt whether any stamp will be issued by India Post to mark this biggest sports event.
India has also been issuing stamps on many such occasion from 1968 Olympic onwards. This act of India Post has been highly appreciated by the philatelic fraternity world over and the stamps and other postal stuffs issued / released have made an impact. Many big sports persons have been honored.
In case India Post has not yet thought of this, it must act immediately to keep its and our head high. It must think that this is the right time to honor our Olympians in front of the world as stamps are considered as ambassador of any country. Moreover, we will be honoring our sports personalities. 
Let me remind the think tank of India post will come out with a strange but beautiful set of stamps to mark this occasion along with other related philatelic materials.
As an Olympic philatelist I requested to join hands and make all possible efforts to pursue India Post for a beautiful set of stamps to mark OLYMPICS 2012.  
I kindly request all Indians to join hands    
With Olympic Regards
Jagannath Mani

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