Monday, January 5, 2009

Poland: XXIX Olympic Games Beijing (Pekin) 2008

Four different stamps depicting different events of Olympic.
Sender : Kazimierz Roman Leszczynski (Poland)
The stamps issued to commemorate the olympic games present 4 out of the 28 olympic disciplines: swimming, volleyball, the pole vault and fencing - it is those particular sports that our representatives are most hopeful to win medals in. The stamps are placed together in a block on the background of a traditional Chinese wood carving and the word "Beijing" written in its original form. An occasional date stamp will be used, as a matter of exception, in the 88 Warsaw Post Office (at 10 Melomanów Str.). Eight is considered a lucky number in China. It is no coincidence that the games started on 8 August 2008, at 8.08 pm local time. Number "8" was also specially emphasised in the design of the Polish Post stamps.

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