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Save Tigers, Save Our National Heritage.........

The Bengal Tiger is generally found in India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. This is the biggest subspecies of Tigers in the world.  Bengal tigers are on the edge of extinction, but if we try spread, share about them, we still have a chance to save them. And this is my first blog in the series to tribute to mission Save Tigers. The Bengal tiger’s populations estimated at 1,411 in India, 200 in Bangladesh, 155 in Nepal and 67–81 in Bhutan.

Only 1411 are left save them in India. Save our National Animal, Save our National Heritage………

Basics and Physical Characteristics
The total length for the male Bengal Tiger is of 270-310 cm and those of the females is of 240–265 cm, The average weight of a Bengal Tiger is 221.2 kg (487.7 lb) for the males and 139.7 kg (308 lb) for the females, also it is found that who inhabit the north of India and Nepal have an average weight of 235 kg (518 lb) for the males and 140 kg (308.6 lb) for the females. The biological info is as below,
Class: Mammalia
Order: Carnivora
Family: Felidae
Genus species: Panthera tigris
Sub species: Panthera tigris tigris

Mutation/Sub Species
Bengal Tigers normally are of same appearance as other species. But a special subspecies exists due to mutation, called as White Tigers. They have dark brown or reddish brown stripes on a white background color, and some are entirely white.Please see the picture aside to know how beautiful are they.
Behaviour and Food
Behaviour of Bengal Tigers is different. They don't live in groups as the Male Tiger is not responsible for growing the offspring.Tigers mark their territory by spraying urine on a branch or leaves or bark of a tree which leaves a particular scent behind. This is also useful to attract the opposite sex.
Bengal tigers are  obligate carnivores, it means that they have a diet of strictly meat. Bengal tigers eat a variety of animals found deer (sambar, chital, barasingha, hog deer and muntjac), wild boars, water buffalo, gaur, nilgai antelope.

Tiger Kill Count
According to Wikipedia following is the chart of Tigers killed in last two decade.
Year Tigers known to be killed
1994     95
1995    121
1996    52
1997    88
1998    44
1999    81
2000    53
2001    72
2002    43
2003    35
2004    34
2005    43
2006    37
2007    27

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