Monday, November 14, 2011

Slovenia : 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Stamps

Slovenian sportswomen and sportsmen to attend the Winter Olympics since their beginning. For the first ESL, which were in Chamonix (France) in 1924, be noted that we did not have the official status of the Olympic Games, but the competition called the International week of winter sports. Attended by over 258 athletes, including 247 men and 11 women competed in 16 disciplines. A year later, the IOC decided that international competition regarded as the first ESL and that every four years in addition to organizing the annual Winter Olympic Games.

Such were the Olympic Games with the exception of periods of world wars regularly organized every four years up to the ESL in Albertville (France) in 1992. Exceptionally, they were following – XVII. ESL – already two years in Lillehamerju Norway. Then the four-year cycle to continue again this year XXI. ESL, which will be in the Canadian Vancouver.
Winter Olympic Games have so far been mostly in the U.S. – four times, three times the host France, where two were in Austria, Italy, Norway, Switzerland and Japan, where once in Germany, Yugoslavia and Canada.
The first medal, and this silver is the color of the former Yugoslavia at the XIV. ESL in Sarajevo in 1984 in giant slalom, Jure Franko won. Four years later, Matthew Calgary in the Canadian Council reiterated Juretov success by winning silver medals in giant slalom. The remaining medals for the color of the former countries have contributed Miran Tepeš, Matjaž Zupan, Primoz Ulaga and Matjaz Debelak by winning silver medals in team jumping, and once again Matjaz Debelak, who is on a 90-meter hill won the bronze medal.

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