Wednesday, February 15, 2012

UK : 2012 London Olympic Stamps

I received a big surprise and wonderful gift on occasion of Valentine’s Day. I got letter from UK with London Olympic 2012 Stamps sent by Kathryn Hollingsworth. These are my first ever stamps for 2012 London Olympics. Thanks Indeed Kathryn J
Kathryn Hollingsworth work for Royal Mail in the UK promoting their stamps.
The second set of Royal Mail's London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games stamps issued in 2010 to mark two years to the event. The set was issued in 2009 and the third and final set of stamps was issued in 2011.
In anticipation of the London 2012 Olympics, Royal Mail issued 30 artist designed stamps
each depicting an Olympic or Paralympic sport. The stamps were issued in sets of tens (2009, 2010 & 2011) - one set each year leading up to the 30th Olympiad. The 2010 edition
entitled 'on track for 2010',

The full line-up of artists for the 'on track for 2010' edition includes:
'Boxing' - Stephen Ledwidge
'Cycling' - Matthew Dennis
'Football' - Alex Williamson
'Goal ball' - Tobatron
'Hockey' – Darren Hopes
'Modern Pentathlon' - Katherine Baxter
'Rowing' - Marian Hills
'Shooting' - David Hillman

'Table Tennis' - Michael Craig Martin
'Taekwondon' – James Fryer

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Diplomatic Relations Series: Brazil - Qatar

Qatar, a tiny country located in the geographical area in the rear for the Asian Middle East region, in the marine environment of the Gulf, famous for pearl fishing in the past, today became the pearl icon of peace and stability and growth sustainable. One of the most important centers of production of natural gas on the planet, reaching a level of the second highest income per capita in the world.
Despite having a small territory, life has huge heart, a lover of life and love for peace, and four decades after independence of the State of Qatar, in 1971, received substantial changes resulting from the efforts and cooperation of its people and its government , led by His Highness, Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani.
The Qatar today, with the bounty of nature and strength of his people, is the absolute center of a modern life, economically significant, educationally distinctive, covered in freedom, justice and security will be provided the country that embraces the major international conferences and other political events, economic, social and sporting events at regional and global levels, especially for that land declared by Al - Jazeera renowned as a center of liberdadede press, will receive, proud, the next World Cup in 2022.
In Qatar, in addition to the unique culture, one can find various architectural styles, a variety of activities and leisure and several ancient monuments that print-year history. The capital, Doha, the country's largest city, is home to the largest concentration of financial activity and thus became an excellent place for big business.
With the issuance of the stamp, the Brazilian Post and Telegraph honors Qatar, confirming the major consolidation of diplomatic relations between Brazil and that country, endowed with great features and high capacity for development.

Cultural Department of the Embassy of Qatar
About the Seals
The seal depicts the friendship between the two countries: Brazil and Qatar, as the theme using a common passion - football, through the representation of two players, who, symmetrically, simultaneously kick a ball in the same position "Bicycle", contextualizing the balance in the relationship between the two countries. This symmetry allows for a playful effect of alternating image pattern on the stamp: time the player is positioned above and below hours. Demonstrating the integration between the countries, in Brazil behind the player flies the flag of Qatar and Qatar's behind the player flies the flag of Brazil. The techniques used are offset printing 4-color reticle stochastic relief printing and dry.
Technical Details

Call No. 30
Art: José Carlos Braga
Printing Process: Offset
sheet with 30 stamps
Paper: Gummed Cush
Denominations: U.S. $ 2.70
Print run: 300,000 stamps
Drawing Area: 30mm x 40mm
label size: 30mm x 40mm
pecking: 12 x 11.5
Issue Date: 19/12/2011
Place of release: Brasilia / DF
philatelic Ask: Envelope 1 Day Circulation (Series Diplomatic Relations)
Copies of the envelopes: 8,000 units
-term trading by ECT: 31 December 2014