Sunday, June 3, 2012

Israel : 2012 London Olympic Stamps

This summer, Israel celebrates the London 2012 Olympics with an energetic stamp set. These stamps have the official London 2012 Olympics logo and Olympic rings symbol. Plus more in the High Priest Breastplate stamp series with beautiful jewels - sparkling in the summer sun! Israel's beloved Mayor of Jerusalem, Teddy Kollek is remembered for his outstanding contribution to the capital and country. And Israel Post's ATM label depicts the slow but sure Green Turtle - perfect for lazy summer days.
These stamps will be issued on June 26th 2012. Starting from June Israel's stamps will no longer have phosphor bands. Israel's stamps will now be printed with a microtext hidden security mark. All the stamps issued in June 2012 will bear the Israel Post logo in microtext. The logo can only been seen with a magnifying glass and its position on the stamp is different on each stamp.

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