Monday, November 12, 2012

Philatelic Diwali Greetings:

Philatelic Diwali Greetings:
Diplomatic relations between India and Israel were established in the year 1992. A set of two stamps is being issued by both the countries to mark the completion of twenty years of diplomatic relations. The stamp depicts the two festivals of lights, Deepavali and Hanukkah.
Theme of the stamps is “Festival of Lights” Israel’s stamp features the menorah with the word “Zion” inscribed inside a magen david star, and India’s shows a row of lamps, representing the Indian holiday of Deepavali.The menorah featured on the stamp was inspired by the wooden menorah used by the Jewish community in Bombay, India.
Themed on the “festival of lights”, one stamp depicts the Jewish festival of Hannukah with a row of candles. The other, depicting the Hindu festival of Diwali, features diyas.
Israel and India established full diplomatic relations in 1992. Israel opened its embassy in New Delhi in February, although it operated at a somewhat limited capacity. The friendly ties between these two countries have flourished ever since and currently include agricultural cooperation, joint scientific and technological development, water management collaboration, thriving trade and more.
Date Of issue:- 05.11.2012.

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